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miniature Pennsylvania colors

Flags for the Lads have been manufacturing historical miniature battleflags for the wargamer since 1995. There are now around 500 flag sheets in the product range, covering a number of historical periods for use with 15mm, 20mm and 25mm scale miniatures.

Left are examples of 20mm scale American War of Independence (American Revolution) figures sporting some of our range.

What are Flags for the Lads?

Each A5 sized sheet contains between 5 and 30 items depending on the scale, nationality and historical period. They are designed for use with the three main wargame scales. Like most models produced by figure manufacturers the flags are in general a little larger than their claimed scale, so will probably be more in scale with the model than true 15mm or 25mm for example. The 25mm for example are designed with my own 28mm scale armies in mind.

They have all been researched and the artwork is original and copyright. These flags are NOT scans from books. The flags have been organised so that each sheet will contain Regiments that historically fought together from the same Brigades wherever possible.

The technology used to produce these flags has advanced over the years allowing us to introduce a new style of flag with shading and a greater level of detail. The new style of flag is being introduced as our range is being reviewed, and the range may be expanded at a later date.