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The Napoleonic flag ranges are all available in 15mm scale and 25mm scale, and are suitable for most wargame miniature figures. The same product code applies in both scales.


15mm and 25mm scale 1812 French.

The 1812 French range is the Grande Armee that invaded Russia in 1812. These are the 1811 pattern flags for the Guard, and the 1812 pattern for the Line officially only carried by the 1st battalion of the Regiment, the rest carried fanions. Not all Regiments followed this rule and there was no official design for the fanion, although the fanion colour was laid down. A large number of foreign units are included in this range as part of the organisation of the Grande Armee, and as such they carry the style of flag for the 1812 period.

LN = Line Infantry, LI = Light Infantry.


Sheet title

Contains the following flags.

NFI 01 Imperial Guard Bessieres 1st Div 1st/4th Tirailleurs, 2/4th Tirailleurs, 1/4th Voltigeurs, 2/4th Voltigeurs, 1/5th Voltigeurs, 2/5th Voltigeurs, 1/5th Tirailleurs, 2/5th Tirailleurs.
NFI 02 Imperial Guard Bessieres 1st Div 1/6th Tirailleurs, 2/6th Tirailleurs, 1/6th Voltigeurs, 2/6th Voltigeurs, Marines, Marines fanion, Velites of Turin, Velites of Florence.
NFI 03 Imperial Guard Bessieres 2nd Div 1/1st Voltigeurs, 2/1st Voltigeurs, 1/1st Tirailleurs, 2/1st Tirailleurs, Fusilier-Chasseurs, Fusilier-Grenadiers, Flanquers, Neuchatel.
NFI 04 Imperial Guard Bessieres 3rd Div 1/1st Grenadier, 1/2nd Grenadier, 1/3rd Dutch Grenadier, 1/1st Chasseurs, 1/2nd Chasseurs, 2 x fanions, Guard Horse Artillery.
NFI 05 Attached to Imperial Guard 1/1st Vistula, 2/1st Vistula, 1/2nd Vistula, 2/2nd Vistula, 1/3rd Vistula, 2/3rd Vistula ,1/4th Vistula, 2/4th Vistula.
NFI 06 I Corps Davout 1st Div, 2nd Div 13th LI, 17th LI, 30th LN, 15th LI, 33rd LN, 48th LN, 1 x fanion, Joseph Napoleon.
NFI 07 I Corps Davout 3rd Div 7th LI, 12th LN, 21st LN, 127th LN, 1/Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 2/Mecklenburg-Strelitz, 3 x fanions.
NFI 08 I Corps Davout 4th Div, 5th Div 33rd LI, 85th LN, 108th LN, 25th LN, 57th LN, 61st LN, 111st LN, 1 x fanion.
NFI 09 II Corps Oudinot 6th Div 26th LI, 56th LN, 19th LN, 128th LN, 3rd Portuguese, 3 x fanions.
NFI 10 II Corps Oudinot 8th Div 11th LI, 2nd LN, 37th LN, 124th LN, 4 x 2nd LN fanions.
NFI 11 II Corps Oudinot 9th Div 1/4 Swiss, 2/4 Swiss, 1/1 Swiss, 1/2nd Swiss, 1/3rd Swiss, 2/3rd Swiss, 1/3rd Croat, 123rd LN.
NFI 12 III Corps Ney 10th Div 24th LI, 1st Portuguese, 46th LN, 72nd LN, 129th LN, 3 x fanions.
NFI 13 III Corps Ney 11th Div 4th LN ,18th LN, 2nd Portuguese, Illyrian Regt, 93rd LN, 3 x fanions.
NFI 14 III Corps Ney 25th Wurttemburg 2 x 1st Wurttemburg, 2 x 2nd Wurttemburg, 2 x 4th Wurttemburg, 2 x 6th Wurttemburg.
NFI 15 Late style fanions 8 x fanions.
NFI 16 IV Corps Eugene (Italian) Italian Guard Grenadier Guard, Chasseurs Guard, 2 x Dragoon Guardia, 2 x Gendarme Sculata, 2 x Gard D' Onoro.
NFI 17 IV Corps Eugene (Italian) 13th Div & 14th Div 8th LI, 84th LN, 92nd LN, 1st Provincial Croat, 18th LI, 9th LN, 35th LN, 53rd LN.
NFI 18 IV Corps Eugene (Italian) 15th Div 1 /1 LI (Italian), 1/2 LN (Italian), 2/2 LN (Italian), 1/3 LI (Italian), 2/3 LI (Italian), 1st Dalmatian Regt, 1/3 LN (Italian), 2/3 LN (Italian).
NFI 19 V Corps Poniatowski (Polish) 16th Div, 17th Div 3rd Polish, 15th Polish, 16th Polish, 1/1st Polish, 2/1st Polish, 13th Polish, 1/6th Polish, 2/6th Polish.
NFI 20 V Corps Poniatowski (Polish) 16th Div, 17th Div, 18th Div 1/2nd Polish, 2/2nd Polish, 1/8th Polish, 2/8th Polish, 1/14th Polish, 2/14th Polish, 17th Polish, 12th Polish.
NFC 01 Imperial Guard Grenadier a Cheval, Chasseurs a Cheval, Dragoons, Elite Gendarmes, Mamelukes, Polish Lancers, Dutch Lancers.
NFC 02 I Corps 2 x 2nd Chasseurs, 2 x 9th Lancers, 2 x 1st Chasseurs, 2 x 3rd Chasseurs.
NFC 03 II Corps 2 x 23rd Chasseurs, 2 x 24th Chasseurs, 2 x 7th Chasseurs, 2 x 20th Chasseurs, 2 x 8th Lancers.
NFC 04 III Corps 2 x 6th Lancers, 2 x 11th Hussars, 2 x 4th Chasseurs, 2 x 28th Chasseurs, 2 x Wurttemburg Cheval.
NFC 05 IV Corps 2 x 9th Chasseurs, 2 x 19th Chasseurs, 2 x 1st Italian Chasseurs,  2 x 2nd Italian Chasseurs.
NFC 06 V Corps 2 x 4th Chasseurs, 2 x 1st Chasseurs,  2 x 5th Chasseurs, 2 x 13th Hussar 2 x 12th Lancer (All Polish).
NFC 07 I Cavalry Corps Nansouty 1st Lt Div 2 x 7th Hussars, 2 x 9th Chevau Leger, 2 x 8th Hussar, 2 x 16th Chasseurs, 6th and 8th Polish Lancers.
NFC 08 I Cavalry Corps Nansouty 1st Heavy Div 2 x 2nd Cuirassiers, 2 x 3rd Cuirassiers, 2 x 9th Cuirassiers, 2 x 1st Chevau Leger.
NFC 09 I Cavalry Corps Nansouty 5th Heavy Div 2 x 6th Cuirassiers, 2 x 11th Cuirassiers, 2 x 12th Cuirassiers, 3 x 5th Chevau Leger.
NFC 10 II Cavalry Corps Montbrun 2nd Lt Div 2 x 11th Chasseurs, 2 x 12th Chasseurs, 2 x 5th Hussar, 2 x 9th Husssar, 2 x 10th Polish Hussar.
NFC 11 II Cavalry Corps Montbrun 2nd Heavy Div 2 x 5th Cuirassiers, 2 x 8th Cuirassiers, 2 x 10th Cuirassiers, 2 x 2nd Chevau Leger.
NFC 12 II Cavalry Corps Montbrun 4th Heavy Div 2 x 1st Carabiniers, 2 x 2nd Carabiniers, 2 x 1st Cuirassiers, 2 x 4th Chevau Leger.
NFC 13 III Cavalry Corps Grouchy 3rd Lt Div 2 x 6th Hussar, 2 x 8th Chasseurs, 2 x 6th Chasseurs, 2 x 25th Chasseurs.
NFC 14 III Cavalry Corps Grouchy 3rd Heavy Div 2 x 4th Cuirassiers, 2 x 7th Cuirassiers, 2 x 14th Cuirassiers, 2 x 3rd Chevau Leger.
NFC 15 III Cavalry Corps Grouchy 6th Heavy Div 2 x 7th Dragoons, 2 x 23rd Dragoons, 2 x 28th Dragoons, 2 x 30th Dragoons.


15mm and 25mm scale Peninsula British.

The Regiments that fought under Wellington in the Peninsular have been brigaded together in this range. Battalions that generally fought together in late 1810 can be found on the same sheet. Brigade organisations where in a state of constant change. For the order of battle on a particular date we recommend Osprey's Battle Orders 2: Wellington's Army in the Peninsula 1809-14. Note: differences often occurred between the flags of different battalions of the same Regiment.

K = King's Colour, R = Regimental Colour.


Sheet title

Contains the following flags.

PBI 01 1st Div Stopford's Bde - The Guards. 1/2nd Coldstream K, 1/2nd Coldstream R, 1/3rd Scots K, 1/3rd Scots R, 2 x alternate 2nd colours.
PBI 02 1st Div Low's Bde - KGL. 1st KGL K, 1st KGL R, 2nd KGL K, 2nd KGL R, 5th KGL K, 5th KGL R.
PBI 03 1st Div Packenham's Bde. 1/7th K, 1/7th R, 1/79th K, 1/79th R, plus Low's Bde 7th KGL K, 7th KGL R.
PBI 04 1st Div Blantyre's Bde. 2/42nd K, 2/42nd R, 2/24th K, 2/24th R, 1/61st K, 1/61st R.
PBI 05 1st Div Howard's Bde. 1/50th K, 1/50th R, 1/71st K, 1/71st R, 1/92nd K, 1/92nd R.
PBI 06 2nd Div Stewarts Bde. 1/3rd K, 1/3rd R, 2/31st K, 2/31st R, 2/48th K, 2/48th R.
PBI 07 2nd Div Inglis' Bde. 1/48th K, 1/48th R, 1/57th K, 1/57th R, 1/29th K, 1/29th R.
PBI 08 2nd Div Craufurd's Bde. 2/28th K, 2/28th R, 2/34th K, 2/34th R, 2/39th K, 2/39th R.
PBI 09 3rd Div Mackinnon's Bde. 1/45th K, 1/45th R, 1/74th K, 1/74th R, 1/88th K, 1/88th R.
PBI 10 3rd Div Lightburne's Bde. 2/5th K, 2/5th R, 2/58th K, 2/58th R, 2/83rd K, 2/83rd R.
PBI 11 4th Div Campbell's Bde. 2/7th K, 2/7th R, 1/11th K, 1/11th R, 2/53rd K, 2/53rd R.
PBI 12 4th Div Kemmi's Bde. 3/27th K, 3/27th R, 1/40th K, 1/40th R, 1/97th K 1/97th R.
PBI 13 5th Div Hay's Bde. 3/1st K, 3/1st R, 1/9th K, 1/9th R, 2/38th K 2/38th R.
PBI 14 5th Div Dunlop's Bde. 1/4th K, 1/4th R, 2/30th K, 2/30th R, 3/44th K 3/44th R.
PBI 15 The Light Division. 1/43rd K, 1/43rd R, 1/52nd K, 1/52nd R, 95th fanion.
PBI 16 Additional Regiments (1). 1/42nd K, 1/42nd R, 1/94th K, 1/94th R, 2/88th K 2/88th R.


15mm and 25mm scale Peninsula French.

The Peninsular French range is the Army of Portugal under Marshal Massena around late 1810. These are the 1804 pattern flags originally issued at 1 per battalion. Later in the period they were only carried by the 1st battalion of the Regiment, the rest carried fanions. Not all Regiments followed this rule and there was no official design for the fanion, although the fanion colour was laid down. In this range we provide flags for the 2nd 3rd battalions etc. We also provide fanion alternatives or just the fanion when a fanion only was carried. The fanion sheets allow a mix and match of flags and fanions to personal taste.

LN = Line Infantry, LI = Light Infantry.


Sheet title

Contains the following flags.

PFI 01 II Corps 1st Div part one (1st & 2nd Btn flags) 1/2nd LI, 2/2nd LI, 1/4th LI, 2/4th LI, 1/36th LN, 2/36th LN, 2 x 2nd btn fanions.
PFI 02 II Corps 1st Div part two (3rd & 4th Btn flags & Fanions) 3/2nd LI, 3/4th LI, 3/36th LN, 4/2nd LI fanion, 4/4th LI fanion, 2 x 3rd btn fanions.
PFI 03 II Corps 2nd Div part one (1st & 2nd Btn flags) 1/17th LI, 2/17th LI, 1/31st LI, 2/31st LI, 1/47th LN, 2/47th LN, 1/70th LN, 2/70th LN.
PFI 04 II Corps 2nd Div part two (3rd & 4th Btn flags & Fanions) 3/31st LI, 4/31st LI, 3/47th LN, 4/47th LN, 3/70th LN, 4/70th LN fanion, 3/17th LI, 1 x 3rd btn fanion.
PFI 05 VI Corps 1st Div part one (1st & 2nd Btn flags) 1/6th LI, 2/6th LI, 1/39th LN, 2/39th LN, 1/69th LN, 2/69th LN, 1/76th LN, 2/76th LN.
PFI 06 VI Corps 1st Div part two (3rd Btn flags & Fanions) 3/39th LN, 3/69th LN, 3/76th LN, 2 x alternate 2nd btn fanions, 3 x alternate 3rd btn fanions.
PFI 07 VI Corps 2nd Div part one (1st & 2nd Btn flags) 1/25th LI, 2/25th LI, 1/27th LN, 2/27th LN, 1/50th LN, 2/50th LN, 1/59th LN, 2/59th LN.
PFI 08 VI Corps 2nd Div part two (3rd & 4th Btn flags) 3/27th LN, 3/50th LN, 3/59th LN, 4/27th LN, 4/50th LN, 4/59th LN,4/25th LI, 1 x 2nd btn fanion.
PFI 09 VI Corps 2nd Div part two a (3rd & 4th Btn Fanions) All fanions for 3/27th LN, 3/50th LN, 3/59th LN, 4/27th LN, 4/50th LN, 4/59th LN, 4/25th LI, 1 x 2nd btn fanion.
PFI 10 VI Corps 3rd Div (Foreign Btn flags & Fanions) 2/32nd LI, 6/82nd LN fanion, 1st btn Hanoverian Leg, 2nd btn Hanoverian Leg fanion, Leg du Midi, 5/26th LN fanion, 6/26th LN fanion.
PFI 11 VIII Corps 1st & 2nd Div part one (Mixed Btn flags & Fanions) 1/22nd LN, 2/22nd LN, 3/22nd LN, 4/22nd LN fanion, 3/15th LN, 3/65th LN, 3/86th LN, 4/75th LN.
PFI 12 VIII Corps 1st & 2nd Div part two (1st & 2nd & Btn flags & Foreigners) 1/15th LN, 2/15th LN, 1'65th LN, 2/65th LN, 1/86th LN, 2/86th LN. Irish Regt, Prussian Regt.
PFI 13 Fanions for Battalions 1 to 6 (2,2,3,3,4,4,5,6) 2 x 2nd btn, 2 x 3rd btn, 2 x 4th btn, 1 x 5th btn, 1 x 6th btn.
PFI 14 Fanions for Battalions 2 & 3 (2,2,2,2,3,3,3,3,) 4 x 2nd btn, 4 x 3rd btn.
PFI 15 Fanions for Battalions 4 to 6 (4,4,4,4,5,5,6,6) 4 x 4th btn, 2 x 5th btn, 2 x 6th btn.
PFC 01 II Corps Cavalry 1-3 sqd 1st Hussars, 1-2 sqd 8th Dragoons, 1-2 sqd Chasseurs.
PFC 02 VI Corps Cavalry 1-3 sqd 3rd Hussarsm 1-3 sqd 15th Chasseurs.
PFC 03 VIII Corps Cavalry part one 1-2 sqd 1st Dagoons, 1-2 sqd 2nd Dragoons, 1-2 sqd 4th Dragoons.
PFC 04 VIII Corps Cavalry part two 1-2 sqd 9th Dragoons, 1-2 sqd 14th Dragoons, 1-2 sqd 26th Dragoons.
PFC 05 Reserve Cavalry 1-2 sqd 3rd Dragoons, 1-2 sqd 6th Dragoons, 1-2 sqd 11th Dragoons, 1 sqd 15th Dragoons, 1 sqd 25th Dragoons.


15mm & 25mm - 1812 Borodino Russians.

Each sheet of Russian flags in the Borodino Russian range contains enough flags for two Regiments of Infantry, they are divided by Inspection.

Code Description
NRI 1 Brest Litevsk
NRI 2 Dniester
NRI 3 Caucasas
NRI 4 Crimea
NRI 5 Finland
NRI 6 Kiev
NRI 7 Lithuania
NRI 8 Livonia
NRI 9 Moscow
NRI 10 St. Petersburg
NRI 11 Orensburg
NRI 12 Siberia
NRI 13 Smolensk
NRI 14 Smolensk
NRI 15 Guards 1
NRI 16 Guards2
NRC 1 Cavalry
NRC 2 Cavalry


15mm & 25mm - Leipzig Prussian.

The Prussian Army was reformed after the disaster of 1806, and was ready for revenge by 1813. New flag designs were added in 1808 and 1815, and the number carried by each Battalion reduced. By Leipzig the variety of Prussian flags was more limited than earlier historical periods.

Code Description
NPRI 1 Grenadier Regiments zu Fuss
NPRI 2 Regiments 3 to 6
NPRI 3 Regiments 7 to 10
NPRI 4 Regiment 11 and Grenadiers
NPRI 5 Landwehr
NPRC 1 Cavalry


15mm & 25mm - Austrians.

The 1806 pattern of flag was carried until 1816, however only one per Battalion after 1808.
Individual Regiments could only be identified by a small box in the top corner of each flag. Only the number is missing, which can be added with a very sharp pencil, and a steady hand. Both Leibfahne and Ordinarfahnen included.

Code Description
AUSI 1 German Line Infantry
AUSI 2 Hungarian Line Infantry
AUSI 3 Grenz Regiments
AUSC 1 Cavalry